Thursday, May 10, 2007

I am on a new diet, and actually you aren't going to believe this because I've spent more than half of my life on a diet, but I have never tried this particular type of diet because I somehow believed it didn't work.
So I am counting calories. I do this through Self's diet club (Self is a fitness magazine that I, inexplicably, subcribe to) online, and I log everything I eat and it tells me the calories and then I sit and mull for a while the fact that I have probably been eating about three times the calories that I SHOULD have been eating, hence it is no wonder that I have gained 20 lbs since getting married. Yes. 20 lbs. The scale kept inching up quite frighteningly toward numbers never previously seen, and it is now at the breaking point. Well, my pants are at the breaking point, anyway. It's either lose the weight or buy an ENTIRE new wardrobe, and being the thrifty person I am, I simply must lose the weight.
I am supposed to eat 1385 calories per day in order to lose 2 lbs per week. This is if I am sedentary, which ordinarily, I am. I am beyond sedentary. I am sloth-like. I roll from my bed to the shower, to the car, to my desk, to my car, to my couch. I have tried wearing pedometers but had to stop because it was depressing. You are supposed to walk 10,000 steps a day (at least) in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and I was barely managing 3,000. My goal is to start doing some kind of exercise, perhaps my 20 minute yoga tape for starters. Or my 20 minute butt blaster pilates tape.
I have now eaten 464 calories for the day, which leaves me with 912 calories to play with for the rest of the day. This is entertaining, really. I could eat an ice cream sundae and call it a day. That is what I like about this calorie-counting business. There's no cutting out bad carbs or desserts, it's just you stop eating when you've reached your limit! Glory be.

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