Tuesday, March 06, 2007

So this morning I cracked open another jumbo egg with twin yolks in it. Let's just say the novelty is wearing off. And seriously, if this keeps happening, I don't think I can buy jumbo eggs because the twin yolks thing sort of grosses me out.

Today is Brendan's grandmother's birthday. She is 96. Quite the magical number, 96 is. I graduated from high school in 96. Ninety six is also 69 backwards. And well, we're not precisely sure if today is actually her birthday because if you ask her, she tells you a 20 minute story about being born on the cusp of March 6, so really it was March 5, but her parents could never agree so for all we know, it's today. I'd be surprised if she remembers it's her birthday since the last conversation I heard Brendan having with her over the phone went something like this: "Hello? Yes, it's Brendan. No, it's Sunday." So yeah.

Brendan is on this quest to solve his Rubik's cube. He's completely irritated with it because we saw Will Smith solve one on TV in 5 minutes, and this wasn't in a movie, it was during an interview, so he actually did it. I don't know, maybe we have a defective Rubik's cube, but more likely my brain is defective because I can't fricking figure those things out and I never will be able to. I even looked up online how to solve it because Brendan insists there is an algorithm to it (oh THAT helps) and there are dozens of sites with tips, and some of these people seem to think that if you just understand that every cube only has two stickers on it and each center cube will always stay in the center, this will result in an immediate Aha! moment that will enable you to solve the Rubik's cube. Not so.

We are playing the lotto tonight and we feel pretty good about having odds slightly greater than 1 in 200,000,000. That many people have purchased tickets because the pot is up to $360 million.

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