Thursday, March 01, 2007

My favorite radio station has just been taken over by some blasphemous piece of crap radio station that calls itself "The Wolf" (GROSS) and plays country music. Color me unAmerican, but I HATE HATE HATE country music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fortunately, 104.9, which previously was a decent station before it became a Spanish-speaking station, recently switched back to its English-speaking format, but seems somehow crappier than it was before.
The discovery of "The Wolf" takeover this morning was an unpleasant surprise and made me think of this amusing book my dad bought and I'm currently reading called "The 7 Pillars of Health" or something. Among the pillars are things like drinking enough water and de-stressing yourself. One way to de-stress yourself is to not listen to music that will excite you in the mornings or "gossipy" talk shows (I am a regular listener of the Alice morning show - gossip galore!), according to the book. The author, a certain Dr. Colbert, actually suggests listening to Christian music in the mornings. Now, if there is one thing I hate more than country music, it's Christian music. Have you heard that crap? Most of it is just terrible.
This Colbert fellow actually wrote another book called "What Would Jesus Eat?" if you can believe that. He's constantly referring to his other books in "The 7 Pillars" and saying obnoxious things like, "for more information on keeping your colon clean, read my book 'Holy Colon Cleansing.'"

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