Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I am sick! At least, I must be. It's a very strange illness. My whole body hurts and the thought of food is repulsive. So I stayed home. And I've slept most of the day away until I forced myself a short while ago to eat a Cup-A-Soup so I could take some advil and now, thank God, the pain is a little less. My kidneys felt like they were trying to escape my body.
I've watched a couple of recorded "What Not To Wears" and am now watching a Dr. Phil about hoarders. This chick is a cat hoarder and has literally 200 cats that she is not allowed to have so her neighbors are understandably upset with the odor and the fact that their property is overrun with cats. She's convinced they are killing her cats and is leaving nasty messages on their answering machines. People are bizarre! Hoarders... Hoarding is such a strange phenomenon. Growing up, one of my friend's mother was a hoarder, she just kept every damn thing. Getting into the house was a challenge in and of itself and it was always dark in there because they couldn't open the blinds lest someone see. Her children would have been taken away.
Anyway, here's hoping this is just a 24-hour flu!

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