Monday, March 05, 2007

And a Happy Monday to you as well. I'm determined not to let myself stress out this week.

So this weekend I cracked open an egg that had twin yolks in it!! I was astounded! Two yolks -- twins! Two potentially identical baby chicks. And then I ate them.

Honestly, I felt sort of bad as I scrambled them up with a fork. But not that bad, obviously. The freakish yolks came from a jumbo sized egg. I hadn't meant to buy jumbo eggs, but I find that when I'm at the grocery store all I really want to do is get what I need as fast as possible and get the hell out of there. There's always a plethora of people in my way, especially in front of the eggs, standing there looking perplexed. And I know what they're thinking because the eggs perplex me, too. There's all these different sizes, and brown versus white (which apparently -- the brown eggs just come from brown hens, purportedly) and maybe there's organic eggs in there somewhere but I can't find them, so I just grab the first carton of eggs I see, and provided that there are 12 eggs in there and none of them are visibly damaged, I buy them. That's how I ended up with the jumbo sized ones this last time. Hell, I didn't even know they came in that size.

Anyway, can I just say I hate hate hate Tyra Banks? I hate her! I didn't just wake up this morning thinking about my dislike for her, but I was listening to Howard Stern on the way in (three months of free satellite radio courtesy of my new VW) and they were playing some of the clips from her terrible talk show and she was going on and on about how she was the first black woman to appear in the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated. Robin, Stern's sidekick (who is, herself, black), was taking issue with a couple things, including her assertion that Tyra is not "really black." Well, she's the the first blonde haired, green eyed black chick to appear in the swimsuit edition, I guess. Which, frick, I don't care, I'm not going to take her to task on her blackness because I think that's just wrong. That's like people saying Barak Obama shouldn't be elected president because he's not a direct descendant of slaves.
Anyway the real reason I hate Tyra is because she thinks she basically saved the world by becoming a model. The way she talks, it was her, not, perhaps, Martin Luther King, who really started the desegregation movement, she single-handedly ran the underground railroad, she founded the Black Panthers, and it's only because of her that any black females have any sense of self worth whatsoever. She is fricking irritating. Not to mention her terrible show that I can't stop watching: America's Next Top Model. The premier of the new season was on last week, and I felt a deep rage welling up as she presented herself to her new flock of model wannabes by step dancing, as I guess they are calling it, in camo pants. I just cannot explain why she irritates me so much.
Ah well. Another week has begun. Good luck!

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  1. I do know exactly what you mean about Tyra. She is so OTT it's annoying. Freakishly so. BUT I LOVE TOP MODEL!!!! I CAN'T HELP IT!!!