Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Well I have completed my civic duty, effectively canceling out all of my husband's conservative votes, so to Democrats in District 1: You're welcome. I felt myself slipping into a coma as I studied my voter pamphlet and I was peeved that lots of candidates either put in one-liners about why we should vote for them or just didn't make statements at all. Turns out, according to one candidate's one-liner, every word costs them $20. One paragraph could tally up quite a bill! Each word worth $20! An "and" is equal in value to a "Poochigian"? Methinks not. I must research whether this candidate's assertion is actually true.

Also I was irritated that all of the Green Party members are apparently against the death penalty, which I guess I never knew! I can't vote for them for that reason alone, unfortunately, which sounds sort of bad since it irritates me when people concentrate on issues like abortion when voting for candidates. But I just can't forfeit the death penalty: Too many people deserve it! If anything, it should be more widely employed and more quickly administered! I think Iraq has the right idea: Once the death penalty has been handed down, it must be carried out within 30 days.

So at any rate, I waited almost 45 minutes to vote, which is by far the longest I have ever waited. I got to use the computerized machines for the first time, and as we all watched and waited (there were about 40 people in line and 5 machines when I first got there) each machine slowly ran out of paper. When I left, I think only 2 were still working and the line had easily tripled. This is efficient? I'd rather deal with the hanging chads. In particular because I was stuck standing in front of this guy who coughed on my neck repeatedly for half an hour. I am so paranoid about getting sick right now, what with everyone dripping and spraying their germy body fluids everywhere. Everyone at work is sick and I have the week off next week and I'll be damned if I'm gonna spend it in bed sick.

OH! I almost forgot the most important event of the evening: Britney filed for a divorce from K-Fed! Yes!! Justin got his Sexyback and now Britney's gonna get her classy back.
Thank goodness. Girlfriend was already too trashy for her own good (giving TV interviews without professional makeup -- is she NUTS!?), but when she married a guy that even Fresno is ashamed to say is one of its "sons", it brought her way, way down. Popozao my ass!


  1. Wait - but aren't most democrats also against the death penalty?

  2. Perhaps, but Green Party members make a point of talking about it in their statements!
    Also, I'm not sure if Demos are against the death penalty after all. These days you can apparently be an anti-abortion Democrat or a pro-abortion Republican, so....

  3. Yeah - that is why I'm Independent. Neither party really speaks 100% to what I believe.

  4. Cancelling my votes. BAH!!! You should be a good girl and vote pro business, and pro infrastructure. Screw those hippie tree hugging tofu eating prius driving bastards. I just can't support people that want to close useless brown grass hillsides off to developers because they feel like it's going to ruin the planet. The sad fact is that we live in an URBAN area. We need to grow our number of homes, and grow our roads. We have yosemite set aside for hangin' out in the wilderness.

    I like the environment, but I also like having somewhere decent and affordable to live. I know if they windened the roads cars would put out less pollution simply because they would spend less time on the road. Plus I'm not sure, but one can reasonably hyphothesize that emissions are worse in stop and go than when running in a steady state.