Monday, November 06, 2006

Maybe my fascination with the Ted Haggart being a gay man who happens to be married with five children and oh yeah leads a congregation of a bajillion Christians and also advises the mentally ill leader of our nation -- maybe my fascination with him is a little sick, but the more I think about it, the more it disturbs me on a few levels.
It doesn't bother me that he's gay. Whatever, people are gay, it happens. Same for the cheating on the wife thing, also something that happens. The snorting of the meth, well, that happens as well I suppose.
What bothers me is that he has been deceiving thousands of people for many, many years. Some of those people are important, they lead our nation. Others of them are simply needy, wayward souls who thought he was above any sort of manipulation and thought he was this bastion of all that was truth and honesty and goodness in this world.
And what bothers me most is that this sort of thing seems to happen way too frequently. What is it about being in a position of power, particularly religious power, that makes people go completely insane? Are they insane to begin with or does it happen after their rise to power? Maybe there's something about being in power that makes resisting temptation too impossible?
It's enough to make you think: If all of these seemingly good men and women are not, after all, good men and women, and they are sort of our lifelines to God, then maybe God isn't there. It really makes you think that. The only thing is, I really believe God is there. And I think he/she has got to be seriously disappointed with some of the crap that's going on down here.

So and something else I find fascinating about this Ted Haggart mess is his wife and her claim that she is going to try her best to be "faithful" and stand by her man. I think this woman has Hillary Clinton syndrome. No one wants you to stand by your man and no one expects you to. Seriously. Your husband is getting BJs from a fat intern in the oval office? It's OK to divorce him. Something is obviously wrong here. Worse: Your husband is having gay sex and snorting meth under the guise of hanging out in a Denver hotel room to write his book while you stay home and take care of your five children. Divorce is warranted. These batty women who think they're some kind of role model for all other women out there should do something a real woman in this situation would do: Take the kids, leave the house, and sue him for every fucking penny he's worth. And he's worth a lot, unfortunately.

Anyway that's my rant for the day. I also read an article about a book signing Courtney Love had recently in SF and I found it so totally amusing that I thought you would too:
That woman is fricking entertaining.


  1. I have a different theory about these people. They immerse themselves in religion because they are trying to bury their problems. This guy has probably always had gay thoughts and made bad choices throughout life. Or maybe he has always wanted to, but as the urges grew he became more immersed in religion. I think most people who are over the top with worship, church, and religion all have some fundamental glitch or bad choice they've made that they are covering up. If you're religious, and enjoy church that doesn't necessarily mean there is an issue, but when it becomes everything you live for (an addiction) that's when you can tell that there is some sort of problem with someone like this. He also looks gay. You can just tell.

    You are the best by the way.

  2. I agree with "anonymous" in some respects - except that I believe he was always gay and he was always made to believe that being gay was evil/sinful so what better to really repress it/cover it up than to be the biggest baddest christian ever? I understand your dilemma over this revelation (it's disappointing) but at the same time I am not surprised - it seems the more pure and righteous and holy and "Right" you claim to be - the more likely you are leading a double life - that kind of preaching is overcompensation for something. Like "anonymous" says, when something like this consumes you - something is wrong, I'm sorry.

    Anyway - did you see that thing about it on the Daily Show last night? FUNNY.

    By the way - this guy looks like a friggin' murderer is what he looks like.

  3. good points from all anonymous commenters. :-)
    Particularly the fact that this dude just LOOKS guilty. Actually, I have always thought he looked like a child molester.
    Anonymous #1: We should apparently be Tivoing The Daily Show.

  4. Child molester! That's it!

  5. Woowooo. I just wanted to lighten up the mood a bit.