Thursday, November 02, 2006

The fortune in my fortune cookie on Sunday night was really not so much a fortune as it was a commentary. It said, "If you had life to live over again, you would need more money."
Who comes up with this stuff?? Of course I would need more money: My initial chosen profession paid me $11.50 an hour to start at what I considered my first true, professional job. The low-pay issue is the reason why (in my opinion):
-so few (sane) people stay in that profession.
-so little quality work is turned out.
-so many writers drink too much.
-so many writers are truly, truly strange people. (Author Laurie Notaro describes writers as visually comparable to lepers)

So the other day one of my vendors called me a Jew. As in, he used a racial (or religious) slur to call me cheap. And I just said, Oh. And he was like, I hope that wasn't insulting. And I said, OK.
It was weird. And then he started talking about how the word jewelry comes from the word jew because so many jews are in the jewelry business or something. I don't know, it was just bizarre. Would you really use a slur like that with someone who A) You really don't know that well and B) you're not sure is going to be offended?
What a dumbass.

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