Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Well, it's my birthday and apparently this is the year that I lose my mind. The events of the day so far do not bode well for me.
I woke up at 3 a.m. and took a shower because I thought my alarm had gone off. Midway through showering, my confused husband walked in to ask me if I was ok, since it's sort of unusual for me to be showering at that ungodly hour. I can't even tell you how pissed off I was.
I guess that's really the only out-of-my-mind action I've taken so far today, although last night I was a completely panicked mess about getting older and not doing anything meaningful professionally. My emotional state may have been exacerbated by my level of drunkenness and the fact that I'd spoken recently with some highly, highly incompetent people on the phone for my job, resulting in extreme frustration.
At some point my husband was trying to distract me by saying amusing things, which I then wrote down on a piece of paper, which I then stuck in my pocket this morning and as I'm looking at it.... I can't fricking read it. Drunken ramblings is what it is. One sentence definitely says "Sting has too many neck veins." Because Sting was on Studio 60 last night playing the lute, and he's got lots of neck veins.
Then there's a sentence here.... I think it says "I just remember the good old days when you could play with your plastic toolbench."
If memory serves correctly, this was inspired by a commercial for a toy toolbench, which B then waxed poetic about for quite some time while I sulked in the corner of the couch, continuing the whole wallowing-in-self-pity routine.
Also at the top of the paper (this is after half a bottle of wine and before I started in on the beer), I made a list of all of our nicknames for the bachelorettes on the new "The Bachelor," which I still assert is fantastic this season. Lorenzo finally got rid of "Paris," real name Erica, a stuck-up socialite.
Here are the other names and the reasons they are named the way they are:
The Plan, because she has a plan for her life (kids at 30, etc)
Baby, because she calls everyone baby.
Crazy eyes, this is self explanatory.
Sourpuss, always making a sour face. She was also eliminated last night.
The Virgin, also self explanatory.
The Italian, ditto.
Texas, ditto
B's wife aka The Teacher, she's a teacher and also B's favorite.

So anyway, now that my pity party is over, I am concentrating on birthday activities, namely eating. I specially purchased this cinnamon bread from Greenlee's, which I am hoarding nearby and sharing with a few lucky coworkers.
Lunch will be light since we are planning to eat fondue for dinner and will likely gorge ourselves.


  1. Happy Birthday, Darling! I hope the fondue was fabulous. ... Also, I like the blog's new name.

  2. Happy Birthday!! I see Christina has left a couple of comments and has even called you recently. I think someone's getting tired of sleeping on the couch. You think we should let her off?

  3. actually, christina has been abnormally communicative! I say let her back in bed, and don't kick her out for eating crackers. I just love that phrase. I wouldn't kick 'em outta bed for eating crackers! And also, Christina also left me a message regarding Michelle being in Hawaii, which I had totally forgotten about and still have not returned her call about. Answer: I don't know how Michelle is doing, hopefully she is good... anyway they'll have a good story to tell about their honeymoon, eh?
    Also C-dog, I bought a couple of Notaro's books and you were correct: They were quite funny. I was laughing loudly in bed last night reading one, and Brendan poked his head in all furrow-browed. I think I was laughing at the story about her grandmother watching too much Lifetime television.