Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Unfortunately there's another show on TV that I now must add to the already too-long list of shows I watch. The new Bachelor started last night and I am so hooked. For the first time in that show's history it seems they may have chosen a bachelor with half a personality. Slightly goofy looking, definitely a past nerd, he's a nervous wreck with strange-ish hair and interesting taste in women. He managed to eliminate something like 14 women out of a group of 27, and picked a few we'd nicknamed for some rather unattractive qualities (ie. Sourpuss, Crazy Eyes, Slutty Pants, etc.). Although some were totally cute of course.
Unfortunately the two hour premier forced me to miss another show on my must-see list -- Studio 60, which is also fantastic and luckily saved on my DVR list.
So anyway. On the way to work I heard that K-Fed is out there making a complete fool of himself again. He apparently went to Vegas with his friends, got drunk at Tao (nightclub/restaurant), jumped into one of these tub thingies in which naked chicks with strategically placed petals are sitting and proceeded to piss in it. Mind you, Britney just pushed another child out of her vagina three weeks ago. Anyway K-Fed got kicked out. What a dumb, dumb man. He gives Fresno ... Well, he gives it the name is deserves. :-)
I was lucky enough to eat at Tao in March during my bachelorette party. The earliest dinner we could get was at 10 p.m. and while the food was good, the place was LOUD at that hour. And yep, the naked chicks were there... It's a little odd. You're just walking through the entrance/exit area and there're these bathtubs with naked chicks! Ah, Vegas.


  1. I still can't believe I missed the naked chicks. And also, K-Fed is from Fresno?!

  2. K-Fed is one of Fresno's proudest products. ;-)