Thursday, October 12, 2006

So right after I got married, I purchased this sleeping mask to cover my eyes at night since I wasn't used to having someone else in the bed and any noise/light would wake me up right away. So I bought the mask from this company called PeeperSleepers and it showed up and was great and all that. But today I got this email from PeeperSleepers informing me that they are unfortunately going out of business because apparently Mrs. PeeperSleepers is leaving Mr. PeeperSleepers and the latter can't just run the business by himself. Here's what the email said:

Dear Sir and Madame, Dear Customers of PeeperSleepers:
My Name is Marco Miehe and I am the Co-Owner of PeeperSleepers and created this business with my "Ex-Wife to be" Stacia Sekuler Miehe in 1995. After 13 years of marriage my wife and I have decided to divorce ourselves! A decision was made after Stacia adandoned this company in August to move on and the company PeeperSleepers will be closed. All inventory will be sold off at a Discount. Please visit our website...
Sweet Dreams,
Marco Miehe, Co-Owner of PeeperSleepers

I feel kind of bad for Marco. But I feel even worse for Stacia (what a romantic-sounding couple: Marco & Stacia, together forever...) now that her divorce and abandonment of PeeperSleepers is being broadcast to all of the PeeperSleepers customers.

So I have this coworker who has a bad habit of grabbing my butt. It's a chick, no worries. I have not done anything to encourage this ass-grabbing that started I guess a few weeks ago... i've worked with her for about a year. The first ass grab was a full two-hander that took place in the office in front of coworkers and God knows who else. There was another grab that took place later that same day. Today as I happened to be standing in line at Starbucks I got a one-handed grab, and the scary thing about this one was that I didn't know she was there, so I just sort of stood there for a moment considering the situation. Say it was the guy standing in line behind me. An obviously inappropriate move on his part, but how to react? Does such a grab warrant maybe a shove to the chest region, a la Elaine from Seinfeld (get OUT!)? It occurred to me it was likely S, this ass-grabbing coworker of mine, and as it turned out, it was. I don't entirely mind, although I myself have never been much of an ass-grabber with members of the same sex. Such grabs from me would typically be an indication of a high level of inebriation. So anyway. I guess I'll just keep monitoring the situation and reporting back on each incident. Maybe I should attempt a reciprocal grab? Perhaps that would nip it in the bud.

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  1. The ass-grabbing is very strange. I have never witnessed/been party to this phenomenon in females.

    It makes me think of that Yahoo commercial, "Butt-toucher!"