Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A 49er was on the radio this morning, I think his name is TJ Slaughter or TJ something. He was being interviewed by this schmucky dude who works for 97.3 and they asked him who is sexier: Paris or Britney. And he said Britney "because she look thicker." I just LOVED that.
I cut the hair off yesterday. 12 inches. Which is apparently enough to donate to Locks of Love, a charity that makes wigs for children going through chemo. I also dyed it very dark, it looks almost black. So I went back in to work and people were treating me like I was a different person. The receptionist actually looked at me and asked me if I was who I was. Since then I've gotten nonstop comments about how nobody recognized me, etc. After a while I was thinking, do I really look so different? So different that people aren't sure it's me? Because to me it's not that drastic.
So I just told Katie that something she just emailed me is fodder for my blog. That is my new thing to say, since last night when I was speaking with a friend who was explaining the ridiculousness of the 24 cent an hour raise she received as a reporter. Anyway here's what K said: Yes, the first thing to good homemaking is the toothpick supply.
Because I don't have any toothpicks. You know that you are a good wife/homemaker/all around well-prepared person if there are actually toothpicks in your cupboard. Needless to say, there are none in mine.
Anyway my friend C called me last night and I honestly think it's the first time she's ever called me! She says "I'm turning over a new leaf." Because we're birds of a feather, we just don't call or return calls, it's not in our nature. We mean no ill will and actually I think we harbor a lot of guilt about the not calling and we think about Gee I should call this and that person, it just doesn't happen. Anyway I find her new leaf-turning inspiring. Almost inspiring enough to start calling people, hahahaahaa....


  1. I am so with you and C on the calling. I am so bad. And I have mucho guilt. But it's just too much effort!

  2. PS - Thicker is always better.